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Aged Care

We Give You All The Information You Need To Make Your Decision 
We will go through the costs of your Aged Care and impact on the situation, so you are able to make a sound decision as to whether getting more advice will help you improve your outcome. Simply by hearing the full story you are better positioned to determine if you are OK or need further help.

We Will Tell You If We Think We Can Improve Your Situation
We will tell you if we believe we can improve your situation or especially if we can't. When we say improve - we mean saving you real dollars going forward. If you don't benefit, its not in your interest. We have been able to turn cashflow deficits into cashflow surpluses for many of our clients..

Just Getting The RIght Information Can Save You Money
Because we go through it all, you may hear something that could save you $$$$ just because you got the right information. E.g. How your home ownership is structured. If it's done the right way it can be very beneficial to a surviving partner in Aged Care in the event their partner predeceases them.
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